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THE PARSING HAUS was founded in the frozen Alaskan North, and since 2011 has been based in a teeming, money-grubbing mosh-pit called “Silicon Valley.” What do we do? Why, we bring smart, sharp, and choice film reviews to the very cleverest of readers on this wide, wild net. And who are we? Read on.



A saucy flaneur with a jeweler’s eye, a cynic’s tongue, and altogether too many years of schooling. He cut his teeth in the no-holds-barred arena of Toronto’s Third Whit Forum, then wrote a column for four years in a blue-blooded college daily. He’s published op-eds in The New York Times and Slate, but who’s keeping track? His opinions are often strong, sometimes reasoned, occasionally valid, and always exquisitely drizzled with choice bon mots. Come, have a taste.


A silver tongued and spicy chap, he likes to dabble in this and that.  He has a blue collar pedigree, writing columns and reviews for hill staffers and state school sorts.  He also writes for academia and can be seen performing the improvisational arts in the city at the end of the world.  As a friend once reminded him, “you should never believe something, unless you know it is right.”  And so it goes.


Our resident horror wonk. Hails from a majestic state with its own thumb, but currently makes do in the Bay Area. Spends her days drafting strategies, strategizing communications, and communicating about philanthropy, and her nights in fear of twisted undead children lurking under her bed. With a lifelong lust for all things scary, this horrorista will never lead you astray. Unless it’s down a dark alley. Or into a whispering forest. Or toward an abandoned asylum. She might do that.


A tweed-clad cinéaste who drops all the ten-cent words that are fit to type. He covers the more obscure indie and Oscar-baiting highbrow fare from that college town along the Charles River. His time is mostly spent conducting legal field experiments and nurturing a co-dependent relationship with Stata. This Prof definitely grades movies on an unforgiving curve.

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